Simplified and pre-structured implementation and maintenance of technical risk management for water and gas supply systems.

Numerous reasons speak for a technical risk management!

- Risk management is a mandatory requirement for water supply in the new German Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV). In the regulations, DIN EN 15975-2 and DVGW W 1001 are authoritative guidelines for the methodology of risk management.
- The risk management forms the bridge to the crisis management according to DIN EN 15975-1 and the basis for the risk assessment-based adjustment of the sampling planning (RAP) according to § 14 (2a) TrinkwV.
- For gas supply, the DVGW G 1001 Code of Practice provides the framework for risk management.

Organisational security

Risk and crisis management are components of the DVGW's Technical Safety Management (TSM) review and increase the company's organizational safety.

Process reliability

Increase in process reliability and thus reduction of interference.

Investment decision

Decision support for prioritizing projects and investment decisions.


Bring internal and external decision makers together.

Knowledge Management

Document existing processes and responsibilities in a clearly structured manner.


Deepening understanding of one's own delivery system by looking at it from a different angle.

Step by step the risks under control!

System description

- At which points can something happen? -

- Customise your supply system and its evaluation objects
- Consideration of all processes up to the handover to the customer

Hazard analysis

- What can happen and how? -

- Using existing lists of potential hazard events and hazards, select those that apply
- Add your own hazard events and hazards

Risk assessment

- What is the probability of occurrence and extent of damage? -

- Select what the hazard has an influence on (condition, supply security, ...)
- Record existing measures that can have a risk-reducing effect by selecting suggested measures or entering your own measures
- Evaluate the hazards in terms of their risk using an intuitive 3x3 risk matrix

Risk governance

- What measures can be used to get high risks under control? -

- Evaluate your results with regard to insufficiently controlled risks and prioritize outstanding need for action
- Identified risks as well as outstanding need for action are clearly recorded in filterable tables
- Need for action (to-dos) can be assigned to employees and provided with deadlines and costs
- Core results are summarized in a dashboard

Risk-based adjustment of sampling planning (RAP)

- Evaluate the extent to which hazard events affect specific water quality parameters
- Use the results of the risk assessment to request an adjustment to the sampling plan from the health department in alignment with your analytical results

Import your existing risk management!

In TRiM®online, you have the option of importing existing assessment objects and your own hazard events simply via Excel templates. This allows you to take over a large part of your risk management with little effort.

Secure and accessible from anywhere!

Web access

- Simple login without installation
- Platform-independent use with all popular web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari)

Help functions

- Tutorial videos and explanations of the individual editing steps
- Glossary of key terms relating to risk management
- Contact form for technical or professional questions

Multiple users

- Differentiated authorization concept with read and write rights
- Multiple user accounts can be created for one company
- Possibility for several employees of a company to work with the same database


- Cyber security certified within the bounds of VdS 10001
- Two-factor authentication for login possible
- Storage location of the data is on servers in Germany (DSGVO-compliant)

These and other customers already rely on TRiM®online!


Find the right offer for you!

For detailed information see: Product and price sheet


  • Web service with methodical steps of technical risk management
  • Few test examples for potential hazards and suggested measures
  • No Excel import of data
  • Limited technical and professional support
  • No introductory workshop


from 4.500€ (For 2 years)
  • Web service with methodical steps of technical risk management
  • Extensive lists of potential hazards and proposed measures
  • Excel import of data (attachments and events)
  • Technical and professional support
  • No introductory workshop


from 7.000€ (For 2 years)
  • Web service with methodical steps of technical risk management
  • Extensive lists of potential hazards and proposed measures
  • Excel import of data (attachments and events)
  • Technical and professional support
  • Introductory workshop in methodology and software

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Risk management "classic" according to DIN EN 15975-2 / DVGW W 1001

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If you have any questions, write us at the e-mail:

TRiM®online was developed for water suppliers as part of a research and development project co-financed by Innogy SE (now E.ON SE) in cooperation with four water suppliers. The gas supply content was developed with the support of DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH and three gas suppliers as practice partners.
Product and price sheet

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